Woman in black...

                                                                              // deress and jacket from Zara // shoes and bag from Stradivarius //


                                                               // sweater from Reserved // pants from Zara // hat and blouse from Asos // shoes from Lasocki //

                                                         Day to Night with AUrate New York 

AUrate New York is a jewelry company located in New York. They can boast of beautiful jewelry that fits every woman of different gusts. All their jewelery is handmade in New York and is sourced ethically, and most importantly, it is a company with passion and willingness to help others. I learned more about the social enterprise they are running, where they have partnered with Philidelphia schools to donate books to economically underprivileged children with each piece of jewelery sold. They call it a book for your look. I think it is a wonderful gesture. If you even want to know more about this action you can look at their website HERE
Their present project is a look to transition from day to night.

Every woman sometimes has to be ready for any situation, so if I know that I will have two different meetings in one day and I can not take too many things with me. I always wear accessories that can completely change the outfits. I thought it was a good look at the transition from day to night.

For day, I like to mix styles, so when I know how fast I'll have to change my clothes for the evening, I wear a comfortable shoes and a dress, that sports shoes do not look like I'm going to the gym. At the top I put on a jacket bomber to soften the elegant dress and earrings - Gold Disk with AUrate  - They are a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

// dress from Asos // jacket from Zara // shoes from Adidas //

At night , I do a little transformation.
I love this dress because of its cut and color because it does not need a lot to become the perfect outfit for the party. I take off a jacket bomber, flat shoes change to high pins, the waist emphasizes the black strap and black clutch. At night I like to wear more jewelry, I leave the same earrings  and I add some earrings - entire earring collection - I picked up from AUrate New York, emphasizing every stylization and personality of the woman.

// dress and belt from Asos // shoes from Stradivarius // old bag //

How do you like my transition from day to night ?

If you also like accessories in the form of jewelery then check out this brand -  AUrate New York
I love them for two things: sense of style and wanting to help other people.


                                                         // dress from Asos // bomber jacket from Zara // bag from Mango // shoes from CCC //


               // dress from Asos //  shirt old // shoes from Lasocki //